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£8                               FUWA INPICA.

' Flora of JDalrnatia' we have an excellent systematic and
descriptive work, displaying enlarged views of the limits of
genera and species,
It remains to allude to the labours of writers on American
botany, to whom we have been indebted in au unusually great
degree, considering the remoteness of that country from In-
dia. Of these,, the 'Flora Borcali- Americana' of Sir Wil-
liam Hooker, and the unfinished ' Flora of North America,'
by Torrey and Gray, are books of standard excellence : the
plants described in both these great works having been cri-
tically compared with European specimens, their authors have
been enabled to throw great light upon their distribution,
limits, and variations, of which, however, European botan-
ists have been slow to take advantage. Gray's* f Flora of
the Northern United States' is another excellent systematic
work; and the ' illustrations of the Genera of North American
Plants/ by the same admirable botanist, is one of the most
able and philosophical works in the whole range of botanical
literature, and one to which we have been largely indebted.
B. Enumeration of Herbaria*
We now proceed to enumerate the materials which we have
at our disposal in the preparation of the Flora Indica. It IB
not possible at present to estimate with accuracy the number
of species contained in each individual herbarium, as a critical
examination of every one would be necessary for that purpose.
We have, however, endeavoured to approximate to a correct
1. The great Wallichian Herbarium, the history of which
is well known to all botanists, having been given in detail in
the lithographed list of its content^ which \vaĞ distributed
with it, also in the ' Plantse Asiatics Eariores/ sCud in the in-
troduction to Wight and Aruott's Prodromus. The first set
of this truly valuable collection was presented by the East
India Company, to the Lumean Society of Londou, in whose